Information during corona virus (Uptaded : 28.07.2020)

Here you find collected information during the infections of corona virus (SARS_CoV19). Only information affecting on our dorimtory are listed.

Students of RWTH and FH Aachen find more information on the websites of their universities and of the Studierendenwerk Aachen.

Personally we ask every tenant of our dormitory to act due to the current situation much more hygienic than usual, so that we stop uncontrolled spreading oft he infection.

  • Regular and careful hand washing (at least 30 seconds), especially before and after personal contacts
  • Cough etiquette:: Cough and sneeze in your arm crook or in a clean tissue which has to be thrown directly afterwards
  • Use the common dishes hygienic (clean it also before usage)

Actual information regarding rental conditions

Please check on the site of STW (the update from 08th of may).

Usage of common rooms

As of 28th of july, the studying room (ground floor) and the table tennis room can be used under hygiene stipulations. The tabletennisroom will be opened at 8 a.m. and closed 10 p.m. . If the room is closed you can go to a member of the sports group. No reservations of seats due to the small amount available! Further instructions and the rules for using the rooms can be found at said room.

The living room and the studying room on 0th floor remain closed until further notice.


The common rooms on the living floors as well as the washing mashines can be used, too.

Consultation hour for network

Due to the closure of common rooms there will be no consultation hour. The network group will not help anymore anyone at their own door.

In case of questions/problems contact the network group via e-mail:

Or visit us at our Consulattion Discord at the same time as usual.

Who does not know Discord : Discord is an external free communication program similar to Skype or TeamSpeake 3 (for Android/IOS and Windows).

There you will also find all information summerized under the ‘inforamtion’ tab.



Short instructions:

1. Add Server

2. Join Server

3. Paste the invitationlink and click on join

Send us an Mail if you need help.

For other services (signing subtenant contract, reset of passwords,…) we ask you to write us an e-mail, so we can decide an individual procedure.

Registration for internet

The registration for internet is only possible via e-mail:

  1. Fill in and sign (!) the form of the WEH and take a picture / scan it. You find the form on our website. Also you find some in the foyer of our dormitory.
  2. Take a picture/scan of the first page of your tenancy agreement.
  3. Send both documents via e-mail at Important: use your university mail: ( oder Mails from other domains won’t be accepted.
  4. Transfer the deposit of 25€ within 7 days to our account:
    • Name: WEH e.V.
    • IBAN: DE90 3905 0000 1070 3346 00
    • Reason for payment: Deposit [First Name] [Second Name] [Room number]
  5. After handling of your registration you will receive a note with your login credentials. This can take some days as we are students and therefore not always available. Please refrain from contacting us in person!

We want to state that the sharing of the internet account with other tenants oft he house is penalized with 150€.

Deregistration for internet

The deregistration can only be done via e-mail:

  1. Fill and sign the form oft he WEH e.V. and take a picture / scan of it. You find the form on our website, Also you find some in the foyer of our dormitory.
  2. Send this document via mail to IMPORTANT: use your university mail account: ( or Mails from other domains won’t be accepted! Add tot he E-Mail your account number/IBAN. We will send you your deposit / in the forefront paid membership fees to this account. In the current situation there will be no fee for transferring the money.
  3. The transfer can take some days.

House printer

The house printer will not be switched off and, according to the current situation, can still be found at the known location in the learning room on the ground floor.

Information about washing system

The washing-system introductions, which are necessary to gain access to the washing system, will currently not take place.
Anyone who needs access to the washing system should fill out this test and write a short email to

The WaschAG asks that from now on only one person centrally purchases virtual washing coins for the entire floor and then resells them to the floor.

Rental of tools

If you want to borrow tools, please write an email to

and add what you want to borrow. We will tell you the further procedure.