Welcome to the WEH !

Information for new inhabtitants

This house is a dormitary and is supported by the Studentenwerk Aachen AöR. The WEH, Theodore-von-Karman-Haus, Otto-Intze-Haus and the Otto-Petersen-Haus are commonly known as “Die Türme”.

 The WEH is administered by the 275 students living on 18 floors. Since autumn 2008 the self-administration of the WEH has reorganized themselves as a society.

 On our website you can get a glimpse of the house.


Information about Coronavirus

Dear roommates,
the current situation around the corona virus does not pass our dormitory either.

At the order of the Studierendenwerk Aachen, all common rooms in our house are currently closed until July 31st, 2020. We have summarized all the resulting changes (Internet, washing system, etc.) for you on this page (information about the corona virus). We will update this page whenever there are any changes.

We ask you for responsible and prudent behavior. There is no need to panic, but everyone should also take this particular situation seriously so that we can master the situation together.

Kind regards,
your house-speaker, network-group, washing-group