Registering and unregistering

Regular members of the WEH e.V. have by default the right to use the network of the WEH e.V.. To get access to our technical facilities of the WEH e.V. a bail of 25€ has to be paid.

Fill in the form (the link at the bottom) and visit the networking group during consultation hours with 

  • the filled in form
  • the rental agreement
  • id
  • bail

After you have successfully registered you will receive your own IP adress.

When you move out you have to explicit quit your membership of the WEH e.V. because otherwise your network fees keep on. After you have unregistered you will get back your bail.

Consultation hours during Covid-19 Pandemic

Since we are forced to close all common usable rooms caused by the corona virus desease all personal network consultation hours are currently cancelled. The only way to get in contact with us is via email to !

Information about de-/regestration can be found under

Forms to (un-)register from internet

To register or unregister vom internet just fill up the forms above. If you can't understand what you are signing, please contact one of your neighbours. I'm sure that they can help you translating the form.

Form for registration (in german only)